Fandom: Homestuck

Pairing: Gamzee</3Tavros

Summary: Tavros didn’t want to believe in the change that had come over his friend. But even he couldn’t deny what was in front of him.

So I watching the Bucket Full of Homestuck Act II panel and had a lot of feels for GamTav, and then watching Laura having their shoot with broken hearts and everything yeah see this is what happens when you get me sad.

Aka gift fic for Laura and Adam 



As for me and you? I think we’re a bit through. Our flowers are shredded and wilted.

Tavros knew that things had changed.

He had heard of course, about Nepeta and Equius’s death. About how Gamzee had mercilessly culled the pair.

About how Gamzee had been close to culling everyone.

He didn’t want to believe it though. 

He joined Vriska’s crew, hoping to find answers. Every stop they made he asked about his friend. Every time he was warned by his other selves- stay away from Gamzee. One of his alternates had been culled by the Capricorn, and his other self was rightfully wary of any mention of Gamzee.

When he met Rufioh, the elder lowblood looked uncomfortable at the mention of the younger Makara.

"Tav, I don’t know the lil’ Makara… but our Makara, Kurloz, dabbles with the Messiahs… It might be safer to just forget about him."


The dream bubble meeting was the first time Tavros had seen Gamzee since his death. He had scars on his face- Tavros dimly remembered what Nepeta had told him.

He was taller now, almost as tall as Tavros. His bangs covered his eyes, but Tavros caught a glimpse of burnt orange.

Gamzee’s response to him caught him by surprise. His (ex?) best friend had sounded so cold, so angry.

not far to fall now is it?

Tavros could believe his friends now, when they told him that Gamzee was gone.


The next tine Tavros saw Gamzee, it was an accident.

He had gotten tired of dealing with Vriska.

It was too hard, too stressful, to deal with her and her shit. So when they arrived on land, he left to scout out the area, thankful when she didn’t stop him.

He found a cliff and sat down on the edge, white eyes staring out at the sea. Tavros was so absorbed in listening and watching the sea that he didn’t notice the crunch of leaves behind him.

"Tavb- Tavros?" The voice didn’t sound nearly as cold as it had before, but Tavros still tensed, slowly standing up to meet Gamzee’s gaze.


The indigo blood didn’t look as crazed as the last time Tavros had seen him. His eyes were lighter, but they were filled with bitter emotions- regret, sadness, anger, emotions he’d believe if he hadn’t dealt with the Highblood before.

"What do you want Gamzee? You already told me you didn’t want to see me."

"I’ve made so many mistakes. I left Karkat. I gave you up- I can’t keep motherfuckin doing this-"

"Doing what? Being a murderer?" Tavros caught his pained look and scoffed. "I won’t keep pretending. You’ve made your pile and now you deal with it. I want nothing to do with you."

Even though it hurt, even though he wanted to turn back and apologize, he resisted and left his ex brother behind.

I want to ask, are you still my friend?

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